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A new lightning

13 Apr 2018

Eglise de Tocqueville-éclairage avril 2017 (4)

Work continues in the church in Tocqueville. After the restoration of the Sacred Heart statue, the installation of a new indirect lighting based on 26 Led projectors has just been completed, carried out by a local electricity company. It replaces the previous installation, which was completely failing; only one in six ceiling lights was still working, the others were unattainable, preventing the replacement of the bulbs. The new lighting allows a beautiful enhancement of the building, with four independent areas: each of the two chapels, the choir, the nave and aisles. It also provides, from the outside, a good night vision of the stained glass windows.


A new look for the Sacred Heart statue

9 Jan 2018

19 e

Work continues in the church in Tocqueville. The restoration of the outside statue of the Sacred Heart, which has just been completed, is the first step in a new campaign of work planned over the next three years. Frédéric Rouchet, a statues restorer in Granville, was the craftsman. This 2-metre-high cast-iron statue was erected during the great transformations of the church at the end of the 19th century; it found again the white its whiteness which makes it very visible to those who cross the village.