Exiled in his country

In July 1852, Tocqueville worked in his castle to write “The Old Regime and the Revolution.” He was asked several times, without success, by Louis Bonaparte, to be a minister.

Following further health problems, he wrote his testament.

He made a trip to Germany.

His father Hervé died on June 9, 1856.

Alexis makes one last visit to England who welcomes him as a hero. There he meets Karl Marx. He is invited by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.

The Paris-Cherbourg railway line, for which he fought so hard, was put into service on July 14, 1858 ! It was officially inaugurated during a visit by Napoleon III to the North Cotentin from 4 to 8 August. Tocqueville declined the invitation and looked at the naval parade from Fermanville at the Cape Levi, with Mary and their friends Beaumont and Rivet.