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Summer events

19 Jun 2022

Château de Tocqueville

Welcome at Tocqueville to our traditional summer events:

A book fair, over three days, on July 14, 16 & 17, from 10am to 6pm in the Salle Polyvalente (next to the Tocqueville town hall). Entrance is free and you can come and bargain among more than 7000 books sold from 25 cents.

A discovery walk around the village “In the footsteps of Alexis de Tocqueville” on Saturday July 30 . Departure at 2pm from the entrance porch of the Tocqueville castle. A 7 km walk with anecdotes about the village and its most famous inhabitant. Participation 5 €; free for children under 12 years old. A snack will be served on arrival at the castle.

On the way to a new stage of work

30 Nov 2021


The municipality of Tocqueville, in partnership with our Association, has the will to continue the restoration and enhancement of the village church.

After several works carried out since 2008, it is envisaged to undertake over the years 2022-2023 a major programme to combat the dampness of the walls and floor.

The repair of the roof and the stained glass windows has made the church of Tocqueville waterproof.

However, the walls remain very damp, especially on the south side (bell tower side), because the building is partially buried at the foot of a hill with numerous springs. This dampness was particularly noticeable when the choir stalls were taken down to redo the plastering.
Rising water is also damaging the floor. This one was modified in the 1950s and consists of a layer of cement about 5 cm thick laid directly on the ground. The water pressure has caused the floor to rise in places. In addition, a cement plaster over a height of about 1 metre, probably made at the same period, locks moisture into the south, west and north walls.

A study, carried out by the architect François Pougheol and which required a number of soundings on the outside and inside of the church, led to the proposal of a new programme of work, valued at €172 110 excluding tax.

This programme can be carried out in two phases :

– remediation by external drainage, planned for 2022

– overall interior drainage with floor rehabilitation, scheduled for 2023.

To help finance this work, a new agreement to collect donations has been established between the Commune of Tocqueville, the Association and the Fondation du Patrimoine.

Everyone can contribute by making a donation to our Association or on the dedicated website of the Fondation du Patrimoine : www.fondation-patrimoine.org/2244