Works still in progress

23 Feb 2021

7 jan. 2021 a

Despite the crisis, the restoration of Tocqueville’s church continues. After the painting The Sacrifice of Abraham, the high altar is the subject of the care of several specialized craftsmen. After a brief historical reminder, the works in progress are described.


The Sacrifice of Abraham

2 Mar 2020

Accrochage 2020-02-06-2

Work still goes on at the Church, in Tocqueville. After the restoration of the statue of the Sacred Heart, at the top of the west pinion, followed by the installation of new lighting, the painting The Sacrifice of Abraham , classified as historical monument, has been back in the church on January 2020. It went throught a long “cure of youth” in Agnes Archimbaud’s workshop, restorer of paintings at Villedieu-les-Poêles.


A new lightning

13 Apr 2018

Eglise de Tocqueville-éclairage avril 2017 (4)

Work continues in the church in Tocqueville. After the restoration of the Sacred Heart statue, the installation of a new indirect lighting based on 26 Led projectors has just been completed, carried out by a local electricity company. It replaces the previous installation, which was completely failing; only one in six ceiling lights was still working, the others were unattainable, preventing the replacement of the bulbs. The new lighting allows a beautiful enhancement of the building, with four independent areas: each of the two chapels, the choir, the nave and aisles. It also provides, from the outside, a good night vision of the stained glass windows.


A new look for the Sacred Heart statue

9 Jan 2018

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Work continues in the church in Tocqueville. The restoration of the outside statue of the Sacred Heart, which has just been completed, is the first step in a new campaign of work planned over the next three years. Frédéric Rouchet, a statues restorer in Granville, was the craftsman. This 2-metre-high cast-iron statue was erected during the great transformations of the church at the end of the 19th century; it found again the white its whiteness which makes it very visible to those who cross the village.

New chairs

17 Jul 2015

Nouvelles chaises installées en juillet 2105-2

The chairs of the church, installed almost 70 years ago, when Father Bernard was parish priest of Tocqueville, were beginning to show serious signs of weakness, which could pose safety problems.

Our Association, thanks to the products of its various events, with the support of the municipality of Tocqueville, decided to finance the replacement of the chairs in the nave.

The have just been installed, which gives our church a new youth!

Until the mid-20th century, the church of Tocqueville was equipped with pews as shown in this photo. Such ancient pews still exist in several churches in the Val de Saire.

Some of these pews were reserved to families of the commune that paid for. In this case they had their name on a plate ; you can still see them in some churches.